November 16, 2022

Welcome to our new website!


After months of hard work, the Africa Albinism Network (AAN) is proud to present our new website. A lot has changed since we launched our first website back in 2021. In view of the dynamic journey we are embarking on, it was clear that we needed a website that reflected our experience.

You can navigate our website in English, French, and Portuguese. 

At AAN, our vision is to promote an inclusive world for persons with albinism (PWA).  For example, we designed a website that persons with albinism, most of whom have low vision, can easily use and navigate. We also hope that the African and global community of supporters around the world promoting the rights of persons with albinism will benefit from the content we share.


Our core mission at the AAN is to promote the implementation of the African Union (AU) Plan of Action to end attacks and other human rights violations targeting persons with albinism (2021-2031).

To see where we work and what projects we support, browse the detailed interactive map and see what actions we are taking in your country. 


If you are a researcher, an activist, a policy maker or simply curious, check out our expansive library of resources spanning decades of work on albinism in Africa.

Join the movement

If you are part of an Albinism group and/or a movement supporter, you can now contact us directly for any questions and queries, or send us the latest research or news. 

Finally, we take pride in being rooted in the beginnings of the albinism movement in Africa. To understand more, read more about the History of the Albinism Movement

We hope you enjoy navigating this new website and welcome your feedback.   

Africa Albinism Network

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Africa Albinism Network (AAN)

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