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Impact of AAN’s Capacity Development

Notable direct impacts of our capacity development of people with albinism according to our survey of albinism groups:

  • Improved Advocacy with Government: A participant from our Learning Forum from the Democratic Republic of Congo submitted the Learning Forum report to government officials, sparking government commitment to fund their albinism organization’s proposal.  Their advocacy, inspired by the Regional Learning Forum, also played a pivotal role in advancing the adoption of the DRC Disability Law in February 2024. 
  • Strengthened collaboration: Our Learning Forum participants from Mali strengthened partnership with a dermatology hospital in their country. Together, they distributed hospital-supplied sunscreen nationwide.
  • National Action Plan on Albinism: Developed: Participants from Angola, including government representatives, were so inspired by their learning at the AAN Forum in 2023, that they returned home to accelerate the drafting and adoption of their National Action Plan on albinism.
  • Empowered  Persons with Albinism: A participant from Zambia at AAN’s forum, reported that AAN’s capacity development activities both regionally and in Zambia, had led to an increase in visibility of the human rights situation of persons with albinism from both corporate and governmental entities in Zambia.

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“We have high hopes for AAN to truly support the implementation of the AU Plan of Action 2021-2031 because at present, no other structure or personality has the power, tactics and network that AAN has. Without convenings such as the Regional Learning Forum, African Governments and the AU may not be active in implementing the AU Action Plan on Albinism.”

Souradji Ouro-Yondo, Association Nationale des Personnes Atteintes d’Albinisme au Togo (ANAT)