Our Impact

Africa Albinism Network engages a wide range of actors, supporting national-level grassroots responses to attacks and discrimination throughout the continent resulting in local and regional impact.


High-stakes advocacy events


African Albinism groups supported


Activities implementing the AU Plan of Action

Who We Are

We are a consortium of non-governmental organizations working to promote – through human rights advocacy – the dignity, rights, and welfare of persons with albinism in Africa and their family members. 

What We Do

We work with like-minded entities prioritizing human rights-based support to persons with albinism in Africa and influence action in response to the challenges faced by persons with albinism and their family members, through these two key vehicles:

Plan of Action

We collaborate with albinism organizations to implement the AU Plan of Action on albinism by supporting the development of national action plans on albinism and their implementation. 

Advocacy & Capacity Development

We engage with human rights bodies and mechanisms at the African Union and United Nations, often with albinism groups, providing strategic capacity development to albinism organizations in the process.


We provide a rich library of digital resources in different languages accessible to activists, researchers, media and other key stakeholders that can advance the movement for the promotion of human rights for persons with albinism. 

Stay updated


Through stories of impact, AAN seeks to inspire our potential supporters including donors, political leaders and grassroots activists, among others, that it is urgent to implement national action plans on albinism to transform the lives of persons with albinism in Africa.