Ikponwosa, also known as I.K., served diligently as the first United Nations Independent Expert on the Enjoyment of Human Rights by Persons with Albinism (2015–2021). She is a lawyer with over a decade of experience in the research, policy, and practice of international human rights. Growing up with albinism in Nigeria gave I.K. a passion for the fight for the human rights of people with albinism. This passion has led her to work for and advise multiple organizations and governments around the world. She has served as the principal architect and facilitator of several international initiatives for persons with albinism, including the African Union Plan of Action on Albinism in Africa (2021–2031), the Pan African Parliament’s Guidelines on Harmful Practices, and the mothering and albinism research project on women impacted by albinism across Africa. Beyond work, I.K. enjoys socializing with friends and landscape photography.