October 9, 2023

Tips and Tricks: Persuasive Speaking and Capturing Your Audience’s Attention

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Would you want to give a compelling speech that can land you a multi-million-dollar deal? Interested in knowing how? Keep reading.

Public speaking can be daunting especially when you’re not sure who you are speaking to. This is why we’re sharing an effective technique to get to know your audience and capture their attention. 

Imagine a technique that allows you to speak in a way that resonates with every individual in the room, regardless of their background or temperament. Umm you are imagining right? Hold your horses, come back. 

Many techniques contribute to effective public speaking, but one resonates with us more, and it’s a trick for crafting compelling speeches. It’s called – Knowing Your Audience. 

This technique is rooted in an understanding of your audience’s preferences for certain “Colour Energies”.

Colour energies are a way of understanding the type of personalities you have in your audience and their preferred communication style.

Companies like Lumen Associates can help you determine your preferred colour energy or that of your workforce. 

In this blog, we will be sharing with you tips on how to connect with your audience by deciphering their colour energy preferences. 

There are four main colour energies: blue, green, yellow, and red.  Each energy is matched to a distinct personality type, bringing unique characteristics and preferences to the forefront. While everyone has a mixture of all four, 3% of the insight’s population (about 7 million people who have done the assessment so far) has 1 preferred colour energy (CE), 54% have 2, and 43% have 3 preferred CEs. 

Unlocking your audience’s colour energy preferences:

To harness the power of colour energy preferences in persuasive public speaking, the first step is to identify the dominant colour energy within your audience, for example, you can pick up clues based on people’s personal style of clothing and hairdo. Here’s how you can tailor your presentation to various colour-dominant audiences:

What to do When Colours Merge:

Usually, your audience will have a mix of preferred colour energies or defy easy categorization. In such cases, your goal is to create a presentation that appeals to all of them. By incorporating elements that resonate with each energy type you can ensure a well-rounded and captivating speech. 

Mastering persuasive public speaking is an art that can help you land that big deal and achieve your objectives. By embracing the concept of the Insights colour energies, you gain a tool to connect deeply with your audience, ensuring your message leaves a lasting impact.  

Remember, the next time you step onto a stage, take a moment to assess your audience’s colour energy preferences, and watch as your words effortlessly resonate with every individual in the room. If you found this blog valuable, be sure to like the video attached and leave a comment.

Tips and Tricks: Persuasive Speaking and Capturing your Audience’s Attention was put together by the combined efforts of the AAN team; we hope this collaborative effort not only enriches your knowledge but also sparks further curiosity around persuasive speaking. To watch the video please click below:

We especially thank Lumen Associates for their support in the growth of the human capital development of AAN.

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IK Ero

Ikponwosa “I.K.” Ero served as the advocacy and legal officer for Under the Same Sun. In 2015 she became the first Independent Expert on albinism, serving a maximum of two full terms from 2015 to 2021. She subsequently founded the Global Albinism Alliance and the Africa Albinism Network. She currently serves as the Director of Human Rights Advocacy of Under the Same Sun and is the Executive Director of the Africa Albinism Network.

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