March 6, 2023

Outstanding Service Award for UNESCO Chief – Mr. Moussa Djaffar Elkadhum


Over the years, Mr. Elkadhum, or “Moussa” as he is fondly known in the albinism community, has worked extensively to advocate for the rights of persons with albinism in Africa, primarily through his posts at UNESCO’s offices in Mozambique and Namibia. He also promoted the issue beyond these offices to the UNESCO head office in Paris.

Moussa has driven and participated in numerous talks and advocacy engagements, both nationally and internationally, to highlight the plight of people with albinism and to advocate for their rights. He has been instrumental in the development of policies and programs that aim to protect the rights of persons with albinism notably in Namibia and Mozambique. He was a keen contributor to the African Union Plan of Action on Albinism. At the global level, Moussa helped the albinism community by assisting in the designation of a Dutch model Xueli Abbing as UNESCO’s Goodwill Ambassador for the fight against racism and discrimination in June 2022.

Moussa actively participated in several key albinism milestone events including workshops hosted by the African Union to promote the Plan of Action on albinism, the first international albinism advocacy symposium in Tokyo, Japan, and numerous workshops to advance the cause in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania among others.  In all these instances, he took time out of his busy schedule and with impressive generosity, gave his ideas, energy, and effort to improving various strategies and discussions – and he asked for nothing in return.

The Africa Albinism Network’s decision to award Moussa acknowledges the critical role that allies – people without albinism, can play in the albinism movement. Moussa is an exemplary ally. His tireless work and commitment, often quietly and unnoticed, as well as the corresponding results such as the first situation analysis report on albinism in Namibia, the draft National Action Plan in Mozambique, the AU Plan of Action on albinism, massive awareness raising, reaching tens of thousands of people across Africa and globally, will undoubtedly inspire more individuals and organizations to support the albinism community.




In his acceptance speech, Moussa expressed his gratitude for the recognition and urged members of the albinism movement to continue working towards creating a more inclusive and equitable world for persons with albinism. He emphasized the need for collaboration between governments, civil society organizations, and the private sector to drive meaningful change and to ensure that the rights of persons with albinism are protected and upheld.

The Africa Albinism Network is grateful to Moussa. His legacy is a call to action for everyone – with albinism or not – to support the albinism community and to work towards a more inclusive and equitable world for all.

Africa Albinism Network

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Africa Albinism Network (AAN)

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