Flávia is a human rights activist and economist by trade. Flavia enrolled in university in 2017 to study Legal Sciences (Law) to better understand and interpret the laws. She is also a jurist who uses her legal knowledge to protect and defend the rights of persons with albinism in Mozambique. Flavia’s experience with albinism dates to her childhood, as her father was born with albinism, and after his death in 2015, she established the Association Zé Manuel Pinto (AZEMAP) in his honor. At the second meeting in 2017, she was elected president of AZEMAP, a position she still holds. Flavia has had the opportunity to participate in several national and international forums on the rights of persons with albinism, as well as receive training in the field in South Africa and Maputo. In Tanzania, she had the opportunity to share her experiences with KCBRP in Kagera and Geita. At the Africa Albinism Network, Flavia is a member of the consultative Board and serves as the language liaison for the Lusophone countries.